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Terms & Service

1. Customers are requested to go through the Do’s and Don’ts leaflet that is handed over to them at the time of order booking by Sanitize Hyderabad sales representative to avoid inconvenience at the time of treatment.

2. The treatment involves drilling above the skirting of the wall or at junction of wall and floor whichever is agreed by customer with Sanitize Hyderabad sales representative at the time of order booking.

3. Before commencement of treatment, customers are requested to move the movable furniture 2 ft. away from the wall, empty all fixed wooden wardrobes, cabinets, wall units and other fixed wooden furniture. Sanitize Hyderabad technicians are instructed not to handle customer’s property.

4. Customers are requested to provide information to SanitizeHyderabad Technicians on location of the concealed electrical wiring/conduits, telephone cables, and plumbing pipes. This will help company to prevent any damages while drilling operations. Company does not take any responsibility for damage caused to property in absence of the above information.

5. Customers are requested to arrange for electrician and/or carpenter, if need be, at their cost, for treatment of electrical fixtures and fixed woodwork.

6. Customers are requested to arrange electricity for drilling, water to mix chemicals in sufficient quantity, ladder & stool to treat the infestation at higher elevations.

7. Customers are requested to provide necessary access to false ceiling and loft for inspection and treatment.

8. The equipments used in drilling create noise, pesticides do have slight odor, and customers are requested to bear with the same. If customers have any patients/pets/children/senior citizens in the house, do not allow them to remain present while the treatment is in progress. They may be allowed to enter the premises after the premises is ventilated well and also cleaned with a dry cloth.

9. For best results, from the treatment it is necessary to treat entire area of the apartment/flat/building/cabin. Re-occurrence of the termite is possible if part of the area is made unavailable for treatment.

10. Please note that, sometimes customers may see live termites immediately after the treatment, based on the severity of existing infestation. The infestation subsides on contact with chemical over a period of time.

11. The treatments are scheduled as per mutually agreed time frame. The Company shall not be held responsible if the premises are not made available for the treatment on the scheduled date and time.

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