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Entertainment Zone and Shopping Malls Sanitizing

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Malls are more vulnerable places as large numbers of people walk around every day.

You never know what kind of Bacteria or Viruses someone is carrying as it is highly impossible to track everyone. Nowadays all the Major Shopping Malls and Cinema Theatre take all the precaution to eliminate the risk by regularly scanning temperature and sanitizing Guests hands but still Malls are one of the vulnerable place because the Walk In guests are unknown, Regular sanitizing at the time of Entry by installing Disinfection Tunnel, Hand Sanitization, Floor Sanitization, High Touch Place Sanitization will minimize the risk of spreading of any kind of Virus and Bacteria.

It is always recommended to give the Sanitizing Service to Professionals. High risk areas are Elevator, Ralling, Door Knobs, Restaurant Tables, Washroom, Chairs and Tables etc. Regular Sanitizing the Workplace will reduce the chances of spread of Covid- Virus and Bacteria . Commercial places are more likely to be a source of infectious diseases than in residential places. Professional Sanitization will contain the spread of any kind of contagious microbes.

Different Types of Malls

Standalone-  Majorly of these are Showrooms,Retail Stores, Shops where large numbers of people Walking, It is difficult to track each one, Regular Sanitizing of Floors, Air, High Touch areas and people walking will make the area less prone to spread of Disease.


Multi Brand- These types of Malls are commonly found in 1teir and 2 tier cities where a large number of Brands are under one roof, These places are Vulnerable because of large walkin where we don’t know the Guest. Really difficult to track each and every customer.


Movie Theatre- These types of places are the ones wherein Multi Shared/ Single Screen where Movies are played regularly, large numbers of people are expected throughout the day.


Entertainment Park- These are the places wherein large numbers of Guests walkin daily for Entertainment and fun, high chances of cross contamination as the Guests are unknown and difficult to track.