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90 Days Multi-Surface Protecting Nano Coating

Multi-Surface Self Protecting Nano-Coating is water borne thin film coating keep the surfaces free from microbes.

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Home Disinfection Services

Covid 19 House Disinfection Service. We undertake cleaning and sanitizing service for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, Duplex House & Villas…..

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Office Disinfection Services

Corona Office Disinfectant Services, Office Area Sanitization Service, Workplace Fumigation, Disinfectant Tunnel for Office, Office Disinfection Service.

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Apartment Disinfecting Services

Apartment Sanitization Service includes Lift Sanitizing Service, Common Area Sanitizing Service…

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Industry Disinfecting Services

Industries Disinfection Service includes Manufacturing Plant Sanitizing Service, Warehouse Sanitizing Service…..

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Educational Institute Disinfecting Services

Educational Institute Disinfection Service- School Sanitizing Service, College Sanitizing Service….

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Mall Disinfecting Services

Mall Disinfection Service includes Walkway Sanitizing Service, Elevator Sanitizing Service, Shops Sanitizing Service, Restaurant Sanitizing Service,…..

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Why Choose Us

One Stop Solutions for sanitization need like Fumigation Service, Fogging Service and Spraying Service, We are specialized in Car Sanitization, Vehicle Sanitization, Indoor Sanitization & Outdoor Sanitization Service Near You.

Verified & Vaccinated Staff

Our staff are verified and vaccinated for your utmost safety

Hospital grade Eco friendly Chemicals

We use best brand for disinfection and sanitization services


Safety Policy

Our Company has a policy of using a new PPE KIT only once to avoid cross contamination.

Customer Support

Our customer service is friendly and they make sure that your Sanitizing Service is Hassle Free

Google Reviews

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Mohit Fruitwala, Workruit

Before Starting our office we have taken Sanitize Hyderabad Disinfection & Sanitizing Services, I found them professional and would like to recommend them to others..

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Harinder Sahu, King Research Financials

I Like their professional approach and execution of promised Timely Services..

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Subhajit, Unmute

Covid19, this Pandemic has stopped all our walking customers to store, We called Sanitize Hyderabad Team. Almost instantly received the call, and we got a trained technician. We have peace of Mind now..

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Pooja Kandukuri

Very quick response. I asked them for sanitization in the evening and they came within very short time. Unlike other services which promised to come and cancelled in the last moment, This service provider kept up their promise to come. They sanitized the each and every corner of the entire house. I am very happy with the service..

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Rao Tejas

One of the best Sanitizing Services in Hyderabad. Very ethical, meticulous and diligent from the start to the end of the service. Both the Management and the Sanitization teams are very supportive, and have provided detailed information about the services they provide. I had to get my whole house completely sanitized post a mild CoVID home containment and the sanitizing team had used proper Health protocols mentioned under Health guidelines and did a very thorough job of sanitizing the whole house with non-toxic and yet very potent chemicals. I genuinely will suggest people who are looking for an authentic service to approach and their team for a commendable and professional work.

Expert Team Members

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