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How to Disinfect Your Home?

How to Disinfect Your Home?

With the current outbreak of CoronaVirus which is popularly known as Covid -19 taking place the whole world has gone through an unknown phase whether it is banning of movement or lockdown, slowly it has become a new normal for the entire World. Now, after a while the economy has started reopening offices and transportation has increased the chances of spreading of Virus further, as the movement increases a commonly asked question on the internet today is “How to disinfect home?”

Home is a place where we spend a good amount of time with the current situation the time has even increased, frequent movement of Ration, Vegetables, Goods, etc into the home make Home more vulnerable to virus and bacteria, family members coming from outside bring lots of bacteria and viruses through Shoes, we have to make sure that the Goods or Things coming from outside a Disinfected regularly to keep family safe and healthy from harmful Germs, Bacteria and Viruses.

To Clean and Disinfect most effectively you need to use a Two Step Cleaning process when you are dealing with Virus like Covid- 19

Cleaning – Step one is to remove Germs, Dirt, and impurities from the surfaces, clean your house as usual manner, using soap and water on Highly touched surfaces but please wear disposable gloves during the cleaning process

Disinfecting – Step two is a little bit difficult is to kill germs permanently using a disinfectant A diluted Sodium Hypochlorite- do not use Sodium Hypochlorite without diluting it first add 20-40 ml of Sodium Hypochlorite to one liter of water. For High Touch Areas- Alcohol-based Solution that contains at least 70% Alcohol.

Which Areas in my house should I focus on more?

The surface you should clean and disinfect in your home are the ones that are touched many times on a daily basis and are located in common ones Those surfaces include
  1. Tables
  2. Toilets
  3. Phones
  4. Desks
  5. Handle
  6. Keys
  7. Switches
  8. Tablets 
  9. Remote Control
  10. Touch Screens
  11. Keyboards
  12. Handles
  13.  Remote Control
  14. Door Knobs
  15.  Chair Handle

Which are cleaning products to Kill Covid -19?

Many common household cleaning products can kill the virus and help lower the risk of spreading. Protect your family by stocking up on these cleaning agents and using them as often as it is needed

  1. Sodium Hypochlorite- SH is one of the best household disinfectants used as a dilution with only water as per the requirement (Depends on contamination)
  2. Spray Disinfectants- Spraying Disinfectants kills up to 99.9% fungi, Virus and Bacteria
  3. Disinfectant Wipes- It can be used on electronics including smartphones, tablets, and remote control that are magnets for germs and bacteria.

They are easy to use making them perfect for use in your home & office

We all are concerned about germs and the spread of the Virus today, So it’s important to ask

What is the difference between cleaning and disinfecting surfaces?

Cleaning- Refers to the removal of germs and dirt from the surface. Cleaning will not kill the germs, it simply removes them or reduces the number of germs in order to lower the risk of infection.

Disinfecting- It is a process that uses chemicals to kill germs. In order to eliminate Covid-19 and reduce the risk of spreading the Virus, Areas that should be frequently cleaned and disinfected are those commonly touched such as chairs, Tables, Switches, Handles, Buttons, Desks, Phones, Toilets, Sink, and Kitchen Counter Area.

Common ways from where Viruses may Enter Your Home

Goods Coming from outside- Family Members bringing Daily Essentials like Vegetable, Ration, Milk, Newspaper, etc may bring Germs and Bacteria  Clothes and Shoes- Whether it is going to the nearest store or an office there are high chances of cross-contamination, a person who is Asymptomatic or infected if sneezes or coughs in the close range there is a
  1. high chance that it may be carried on Clothes or Shoes.
  2. Vendors- Milkmen, Servant, and different vendors daily have interaction with family members which raises the chance of contamination 
  3. Family Members- As we know in the case of Corona Virus the carrier is Human, while performing day job there is a high chance of contamination
  4. Guests & Relatives- Functions and parties also make it more vulnerable 

Hygiene Practice

  1. Hand Hygiene- The people walking inside the house needs to make sure their hands are cleaned and disinfected regularly as the chances of viruses entering the human body are through the eyes, nose, and mouth. Avoiding frequent touches and disinfecting Hands with Soap and Water or a Sanitizer reduces the chance of viruses entering our body.
  2. High Touch Area Hygiene- Regular Cleaning of the High touch Areas like Door Knobs, Water Tap, Switches, and Button will reduce the chances of spread 
  3. Floor Hygiene- Mopping and cleaning the floor regularly will reduce the chances as Germs can travel up to 3 feet after a sneeze or cough and may rest on different surfaces around the Home for Hours or even Days.

A recent study found that Novel CoronaVirus can remain in the air for up to 3 hours and live on Surfaces such as Cardboard for up to 24 hours and on Plastic and Steel for up to 3 days and on Glass for up to 7 days.

These are the ways to make sure you are properly cleaning and disinfecting your home and keeping your House Hold sanitized

Disinfecting your Home regularly will minimize the chances of spread of CoronaVirus, it is always recommended to give this job to a Professional Disinfecting Services agency

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