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FAQ for Home & Office Sanitization
+ Does sanitization Service Kill CoronaVirus?

Yes it works on all Virus and Bacteria including Covid-19 for home & office sanitization( As per the Manufacturer’s claim

+Precautions for Home & Office sanitization?

Our company policies are very firm on using the professional products and machines for home sanitization

+What Is the Duration for sanitization Service?

It Depends on the Area Square Feet like Usually 20 Minutes for 1000 Square Feet for Home sanitization.

+Do I Need to Vacate the area after home sanitization?

Yes because it is not safe to enter the Sanitized area for 1 hour, Our expert will Leave one room which can be Sanitized at last in home sanitization process.

+What is the Turnaround time for your sanitization service?

Once the Slot is booked it takes 1 - 2 hours for our team to reach any location in Hyderabad for Home and office sanitization.

+Is home sanitization Treatment is Safe?

No we use Non Toxic, No odour certified chemicals which are not harmful for Children in Home sanitization

+Is sanitization chemical is Corrosive in Nature?

The chemical used are Non Corrosive in Nature and leaves no Strain after Sanitizing Service at Home.

+Is Sanitization going to leave stains?

It will not leave any Stain on floor and Furniture in Home sanitization.

+How is Disinfection Service done?

It is done with the help of Fogging and Fumigation Spraying Machine for Home/Office sanitization.

+Is Sanitization is safe on food items?

You have to keep it away or cover it with Plastic Cover for Home and office sanitization.

+Electronic items safety in home sanitization process?

You have to cover them with Plastic cover, We will provide you with different chemicals for Electronic items for Home sanitization.

+Is Sanitization process pet friendly?

While the Sanitizing is on kindly make sure Children, Senior Citizens and Pets should not enter the home Sanitizing Zone for at least 1 hour.

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