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About Us

Sanitize Hyderabad is a professional Sanitizing Company having its presence in Hyderabad and Warangal. Ever since Coronavirus has impacted the economy from March 2020, Covid- 19 has become new normal since then We are one stop solution for Sanitizing services in Hyderabad. We as a professional sanitization company in Hyderabad dealing in services of Home sanitization, Corporate office sanitization, Industries sanitization, Schools sanitization & Colleges sanitization and keep the impact of the current situation to minimum.

Professional Experienced Staff

We have Professional team with vast experience in managing Home/Office Disinfection Services in Hyderabad and delivering the best service.

Hospital Grade Eco friendly chemicals

We use best chemicals in the world which are safe and eliminate all the deadly virus, Bacteria, Fungus, Pathogens without effecting your space.

Verified and Vaccinated

We hire Verified and experienced staff, All our staff are vaccinated against Covid-19.

Professional Disinfection Tools

We use the latest and advanced machines to cater different needs of Home and Office Sanitization.

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Currently we are serving more than 400+ projects in a month with 4.8+  Google Rating from our clients. We are a leading service providers in Home & Office Disinfection services. We are specialized in dealing with Big Corporates sanitizing, Industries sanitizing, Hospital sanitizing, Mall sanitizing, Hotels sanitizing, House sanitizing, Apartments Sanitizing, Societies sanitizing, Outdoors sanitizing and Public Places sanitizing with trained professionals using CDA Approved WHO certified chemicals.

Our Professional team having vast experience in sanitizing Industry and recently collaborated with Speciality Chemicals company to provide the best of solutions for Sanitizing and Hygiene requirements of Home, Office, Apartment and Industries starting from Hard Surfaces disinfection, High Touch Surfaces disinfection to Human Disinfectant solutions.


We use the best technology & machine to disinfect every corner of your premises using Fogging Service, Fumigation Service, Spraying Service as a Method. We thrive to deliver timely service to our clients without compromising on quality. We believe customers are god.

Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate all the germs and bacterias in India by providing professional sanitizing services and to create awareness of workplace hygiene and disinfection services.

Our Vision

Creating a safe and healthy environment by extending best and affordable sanitization services all across India.

Expert Team Members

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